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Tech & Sci / Science - 13 hours ago

Big energy savings for tiny machines

Inside all of us are trillions of tiny molecular nanomachines that carry out quite a lot of duties essential to hold us alive. In a ground-breaking research, a staff led by SFU physics professor David Sivak demonstrated for the primary time a techniq...

Tech & Sci / Science - 17 hours ago

18 Earth-sized exoplanets discovered

Considerably greater than 4000 planets orbiting stars outdoors our photo voltaic system are recognized to date. Of those so-called exoplanets, about 96 % are considerably bigger than our Earth, most of them extra comparable with the size of the fuel...

Tech & Sci / Science - 1 day ago

Ammonium fertilized early life on Earth

A group of worldwide scientists -- together with researchers on the College of St. Andrews, Syracuse College and Royal Holloway, College of London -- has demonstrated a brand new supply of meals for adolescence on the planet. Life on Earth depends on...

Tech & Sci / Science - 1 day ago

Stellar waltz with dramatic ending

Astronomers on the College of Bonn and their colleagues from Moscow have recognized an uncommon celestial object. It's most certainly the product of the fusion of two stars that died a very long time in the past. After billions of years circling roun...

Tech & Sci / Science - 1 day ago

Formation of the moon brought water to Earth

The Earth is exclusive in our photo voltaic system: It's the solely terrestrial planet with a considerable amount of water and a comparatively giant moon, which stabilizes the Earth's axis. Each have been important for Earth to develop life. Planetol...

Tech & Sci / Science - 1 day ago

Water formation on the Moon demonstrated

For the primary time, a cross-disciplinary research has proven chemical, bodily, and materials proof for water formation on the Moon. Two groups from the College of Hawai?i at Manoa collaborated on the venture: bodily chemists on the UH Manoa Divisio...