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Tech & Sci / Science - 2 weeks ago

Translation of genes more complex than expected

Researchers from the group of Marvin Tanenbaum on the Hubrecht Institute have proven that translation of the genetic info saved in our DNA is far more complicated than beforehand thought. This discovery was made by creating a kind of superior microsc...

Tech & Sci / Science - 2 weeks ago

New findings on Earth's magnetic field

The large magnetic subject which surrounds the Earth, defending it from radiation and charged particles from area -- and which many animals even use for orientation functions -- is altering continually, which is why geoscientists maintain it continuo...

Tech & Sci / Science - 2 weeks ago

Bees can link symbols to numbers, study finds

We have discovered bees can perceive zero and do primary math, and now a brand new research exhibits their tiny insect brains could also be able to connecting symbols to numbers. Researchers have educated honeybees to match a personality to a selecte...

Tech & Sci / Science - 2 weeks ago

Surprising enzymes found in giant ocean viruses

A brand new research led by researchers at Woods Gap Oceanographic Establishment (WHOI) and Swansea College Medical Faculty furthers our information of viruses -- within the sea and on land -- and their potential to trigger life-threatening sicknesse...