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Tech & Sci / Science - 3 weeks ago

Research confirms gut-brain connection in autism

Individuals with autism typically endure from intestine issues, however no one has recognized why. Researchers have now found the identical gene mutations -- discovered each within the mind and the intestine -- might be the trigger. The invention con...

Tech & Sci / Science - 3 weeks ago

Earth recycles ocean floor into diamonds

The diamond in your finger is probably product of recycled seabed cooked deep within the Earth. Traces of salt trapped in lots of diamonds present the stones are shaped from historic seabeds that turned buried deep beneath the Earth's crust, based on...

Tech & Sci / Science - 4 weeks ago

Asia's glaciers provide buffer against drought

A brand new research to evaluate the contribution that Asia's excessive mountain glaciers make to relieving water stress within the area is revealed this week (29 Might 2019) within the journal Nature. The research has necessary financial and social...